Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Hi-Trying to finish my decorating project today. My husband and I volunteered to help decorate the gym for our daughters 8th grade graduation dance, it of course snowballed and now the day is fast approaching to deliver the goods. I think I am almost done though and can move on to my crafting projects I have lined up. I sure hope so. Plus it is such a beautiful day outside, I would like to go finish some gardening projects. Got some good feed back and comments on my pictures on my Etsy site. Looks like some people tagged me as one of their favorites too, that makes me happy and I can see people are viewing my stuff, need to add some more next couple of days. Looks like the best way to do this to add a piece or two each day or every couple of days.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well skipped yesterday-too busy watching the parade and eating. My Dad was in the parade again this year, 84 and going strong. He had an offer again to ride in a WWII DUC and he was thrilled. He even still fits in his uniform. I'm glad my kids are old enough to remember all this, not everyone is lucky enough to have such cool relatives.
On to crafting-I posted a few more items in my Etsy store. Seems like a good idea to add a few every couple of days instead of all at once. I'm thinking of even adding my Easter items later on just to see if there is any interest there. I had fun photographing the purses. I used my daughter and her friend as models. When I asked if they were interested, they couldn't say yes fast enough. That was one of the suggestions I got from the Etsy forum, to take pictures on a model to show how the purse looks in relationship to a person. Not a bad idea. Also taking the photos outside to get better lighting is a good idea. See if that helps my sales or at least benerates some interest.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Okay-I have added to my Etsy site, answered and asked questions on a couple of forums and added a link on this blog to my website. Let's see what happens. I do want to generate some internet business, I think it will help me get on my feet and start selling on a more consistent basis. I guess getting your name and product out there is the tough part. Keeping my fingers crossed

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Glitter Class

Today I had a class with the Glitter Fairy( She not only taught me great glitter and stamping techniques but she hooked me up with a blog. She was also very helpful as far as getting going with a craft business and things you need to do. I am a crafter, my passion is creating something new with parts from something old. Far more challenging and fun for me. I am just starting out in the commercial side of crafting, been making things and giving them away for years. Lately I have been making purses out of felted wool sweaters and denim jeans. Check out my website at and see what i have been doing.