Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well I have been busy-too busy to even jump on here and write a few lines. Vacation was Ok, not our best year with the weather. When it rains at a beach house it gets kinda boring real fast. Especially when you have anywhere from 10-1 4 people with you! But the sun came out Thursday afternoon and all was well again.
Been working on Halloween stuff for the next fair, want to see how it does. I have a bunch of parts and plenty of ideas, just need to get them put together. My cousin Sue and I did another sale at my work building, did much better this time. I got good reaction to my purses and sold 4 all together. My notecards got a lot of attention too, I think I will work on some holiday ones. I guess our thoughts that summer is not the best time are probably correct, people were even asking if we were going to come back before Christmas. That's a good sign. we have a fair scheduled every month for the next 3 months so we will be busy.