Saturday, July 28, 2007


Well another summer sale that was a bust. My cousin Sue, my co worker Darlene and I did a show in the lobby of one of our office buildings. I did so well at the last one I thought this one was a shoe in. Maybe because its summer and people are on vacation, maybe it was too hot, maybe they just aren't interested in shopping. I think from now on I will leave the summer to stockpiling and forget the sales. Our next attempt will be on September 7th, closer to fall and the holidays, we will give it a try. I did get a lot of compliments, especially on the denim bags. I thought the note cards I made might be of interest but they were a no go also. I did sell one bag and the tea set I bought at the auction, so all was not lost. I still have plenty of stock and now I can concentrate on projects around the house I need to catch up on, like weeding!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Well I got a wonderful feedback from my online sale. I am so happy she liked it, I was a little nervous selling something on line, its not quite the same as seeing it in person. Looking froward to Friday, we will be at an AT&T location and I think we will all do well. My cousin is coming with me this time and also another friend that does really neat jewelery. Got my fingers crossed it will be a busy day for us. I have been working on a new project. I made note cards using old buttons and floss. I saw the idea in a Martha issue and went with it. So far I have made 8 and they are all different and I think they are adorable. My daughter liked them also so that s a good sign, she has a good eye for things. She gave one of my denim purses to her girlfriend as a birthday gift this weekend, I think I have given away more than I have sold. I figure its advertising. Check out my note cards-what do you think?

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Yeah ! raise the flag-I finally sold a purse on line! I was so excited when I got the email saying I had made a sale, thought it would never happen. I'm taking it to the post office tomorrow and then that will be done. Hope it's not the last one I make. In 2 weeks I will be doing another sale at work, hopefully I will do as well as i did with the first one.
On another note we finally got my parents house painted, Tom has been going down for weeks getting it ready. Scraping and washing and repairing. We got everyone to show up Saturday morning and we were done by 12 noon. No one complained and we all did a nice neat job. Of course after we were done and cleaned up we had lunch and spent the next 3 hours in the pool playing games. Those kids are so much fun to be around. I must say we have close to a perfect family, we all get along, no one gets in too much trouble and they are fun to be with. Ok off to rest up so I can go back to work tomorrow.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I know I have written in a while-been catching up on stuff I haven't been getting to around the house. Derby Day was a bust-I sold one clock and Sue made 2 sales. Guess we won't be going back there next year. People were just walking by, not looking left or right. None of the vendors were doing anything, Sue went and checked a couple of times. Since I have so much stock left I have had time to try out some new ideas I have. My pillows came out cool, I used old handerchiefs and chenille. I like them, now if I can just sell one........
I made 5 baskets for Derby Day also. they came out nice, I decorated them all differently and put candles in them, maybe at my next at&t sale I can sell some of those also. This craft business can be pretty frustrating, on one hand people tell you your stuff is beautiful and you should sell it but then when you try, no one is buying. Oh well one of these days I'll find my niche. I did finally get to fininsh Briors 2 purses from her son's pants. I forgot to take a picture though, they came out neat.