Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today's craft fair

Not so much in the way of customers today-that's OK. I always meet the nicest people at craft fairs. And I did make a few sales, a few contacts for future work and of course bought a few items. Who doesn't need soap that looks like a slice of cake? And a shirt with a moose skeleton silk screened on it? I know sounds weird but a few things I had to have today. So I bought them. Helps out my fellow crafters also. I tired something a little new today also. I offered a purse up for raffle to raise money for American Cancer Society. Only got one taker so she automatically won. Oh well, I'll try again next week with a different purse or maybe lower ticket price. I had 5 bucks on them, maybe I should try 2. So of to make up a few orders I got last week.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Art Show

Woo Hoo- I entered an art show this month! never thought I would be the one in an art show. This one is specifically all about purses so I figured I should give it a try. Free advertising if nothing else. I made the bag from all recycled materials. I felted a wool sweater, used vintage lining material from my Mom, thanks Mom and the bamboo handles were off a discarded purse. Only thing new is the thread and the interfacing. The beads, sequins and shells are all 'found items" from tag sales, thrift stores and people cleaning out drawers. they say , "Here you want this stuff?" And of course I say, "Sure, I'll find something to use it on" Which is why I have so musch stuff! Love it though, allows me to make stuff on the cheap. So ihave the purse for sale too. See what happens. Here are some photos of it. And Tom and I did go to the opening wine and cheese party last night.