Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yeah ! - Made a sale!

My Etsy site has been incredibly slow, was beginning to think I was being blocked somehow. But no, just a bad time for shopping I guess. I posted 3 new grocery bags on Sunday night and I sold one last night. So happy. I also received my supplies for my custom order I got on Etsy so that is actually another sale for this month. I have to make 2 denim bags for an auction to raise money for a dog organization. This should be good exposure I hope. The purses are interesting, all about Dobermans. The woman sent me Doberman fabric and belt buckles to use on the bags plus a patch of a dobie profile to sew on the back pocket. Leads me to a idea.......
I am scheduled for a show in September all around animals. It is to raise money for the Oxford Dog pound and maybe I'll make a bunch of dog/cat themed purses. Denim bags with animals or paw print linings. Could lead to something here. Just what I need, another idea. Those I have plenty of-it's time I lack. Oh well.
All for now-back to work

Monday, July 28, 2008

Last couple of months

OK-I'm really going to try and keep this up on a daily basis-so much happens during my day its hard to find the time to sit and type. Especially when you have 14 year old on your home computer-she is such a monitor hog! I have to schedule time on the computer with her. So cute she is. So anyway I have been busy, the garden keeps me hopping, mine and Tom's. He is bringing in basketful's of produce every day. I am in heaven right now, we ate corn and tomatoes all weekend. Just love that combo especially fresh from the yard. Tonight Sean and Laura, our son and his girlfriend, are coming over for a corn feast. Can't wait.
On the craft side of things I have been plugging along. Been making some more grocery bags and a coupe of purses. I have to get my winter stock up for all the fairs I have scheduled in the fall. Plus for some strange reason I said yes to photographing a friends wedding in October-what was I thinking? I joined the Etsy street team in Connecticut. I think that will work out well for me. They are going to be at a couple of farmers markets , one in Newtown and one in Monroe. Should be good exposure for me and its cheap and only a couple of hours in the afternoon. Just have to see if I can swing it with my work schedule, August is going to be crazy around here with vacations and this new call out schedule. work lately has become very stressful. Been here 29 years and never been this concerned about our future, seems like those in charge don't really know how to run this business. But no one ever asks those of us that do the day to day dirty work. So I just say OK all day long, no matter what they ask us to do. Doesn't mean I'll do it but they are happy. So tomorrow I'll put some pictures up of some of my new stuff. And maybe of the baby birds I knocked out of the nest while gardening Saturday. I did rescue them and they seem fine now.


PS-I do have some photos with me as it turns out. Below is a tea "wallet" I came up. No pattern just started folding material until I got what I wanted. This folds into a small sqaure with a button and loop closure to carry tea/condiments in your purse. The other is a small bag I made from a pant leg and some adorable bee material I picked up-just had to have those bees!