Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday befroe vacation

Can't wait, we will be at the beach tomorrow. We are leaving for our annual family vacation to RI. I know the kids are looking forward to it and so am I. We have so much fun all week, even if it is a little crowded. Looks like we will be seeing almost all the family there this year. I am bringing my beads and some cross stitching to work on. Can't go without bringing a craft! See you in a weeks time, well rested and ready for the fall craft season!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Whew I'm pooped. Spent most of my day in the kitchen dealing with the garden bounty. Takes a long time to deal with all that stuff. I made a double recipe of Stuffed Cabbage, Stuffed Peppers and a new item. It is called Cabbage Strudel. It is delicious. Tastes like a dessert but I served it at dinner as a vegetable. Also made onion rings from scratch tonight. On top of all that I finished putting together the treadle sewing machine I just refinished, it came out really nice but what a pain trying to remember where all the parts go! I ended up taking it all apart again this morning and Tom pointed out after all was said and done that I had the wrong screws in the hinges. AAGRRRRHHH. I don't think I want to take it apart again, think I'll just find the right size screws and change them, much easier. I also finished or almost finished painting the side table I stripped last weekend. That cameo out cute too. I wasn't going to paint it but when I stripped it, I discovered it was a mess under the finish, much easier to cover it with paint. So with all that I didn't have much time for crafting. Sue sent me an email and asked if I was interested in a craft fair in Brookfield, it's only $25 so I said yes. We'll be busy this fall. That's 2 in September and one in October so far. Got to remember to call about the November one Darlene told me about.
OK time to go crash-back to work tomorrow

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Well added some more of my denim bags to my on line store. See what happens. I was busy today doing some painting and varnishing. A few pieces that have needed refinishing for oh I would say about 20 years finally got done today. I may not be fast but I get it done, eventually. I am looking forward to next week, we will be going on our annual week long vacation at the beach. Been trying to think of a craft I can do while I am there, I'll have plenty of free time. Maybe I will work on some Halloween boxes I have been thinking of trying out. I'll have my sister and Mom to help with suggestions. I'll have to put together a kit of parts I will need while I am there. I have also changed my position at my full time job. Time to move on to a new endeavor, always good to mix things up every couple of years. I will miss my buddies in my office, especially Little Peggy, my crafting buddy but I know we will keep in touch. We have to, too many ideas we haven't talked about yet! Ok time to go het tour Saturday night pizza going. It always tastes so good this time of year with the fresh tomatoes and fresh basil. Yummmmm. Summertime.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Been taking it easy on the crafting this week, time to catch up on other projects. I did get a bunch of weeds pulled. I always feel so much better when the garden is neat and you can actually see the flowers. Now the house is another story.....
I have been thinking of some ideas for the fall, maybe some Halloween totes for the kids, maybe try some pillows. I really must get some pictures taken of the purses I have made already and get them on line, they won't sell hanging on the back of my kitchen chairs thats for sure!
I was able to make a glitter box to go along with the one I made with the glitter fairy. I think it looks pretty good, what do you think? I found glitter of the same color,the same flower and a co-ordinating ribbon. I used a dragonfly on this flower rather than the bee I have on the other box. I put them in my bathroom with cotton balls and Q tips in them. I think they look good in there.