Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Floor Pillow

Decided to give a floor pillow a try. I was asked to make them for someone else and haven't heard from her in a while so I am putting them out there and see where they go. The kids next door liked them that's for sure. They used it one night while I was babysitting, gave it a test ride for me. I imagine your dog or cat (kinda big for a cat) will love it to. Although I can't get my own dog on it, she sticks her nose up at it and heads for the bed instead. Choice of three different fabrics, all machine washable, 100% cotton and all made in America, the fabric, labor and pillow. Let me know what you think.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rainbow Room in NYC

Wednesday I got to go to the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller center in NYC. We went (my cousin and I) to the WCBS Woman's luncheon. I went pretty much just to eat there and throw my business card around. Why not? A room full of women, someone must need a purse! Well no one has yet but maybe. So lunch was good and the speakers were good. Sad to hear the restaurant will be closing in June, it is a pretty neat place, views are spectacular from the 65th floor. So after lunch we went and did a little shopping. One of my favorite stores, Anthropolgie was right across the street. Picked up a few things then went over to Saks. Wanted to see if they had a clearance section-they do not. We did see that Clinique was having a nice give a way bag of goodies so we headed over to their counter. Ended up getting full face make up done. I was hot! Or so I was told. Also dropped a hundred bucks on make up. It was fun and I am worth it. Headed to Grand central after that and then home. All in all a good day. here are some pics, taken with my cell phone so not all that great of the views form the 65th floor.

Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009

Hey finally got around to sending in my Burda Style Bow Ties. They will be auctioned off to raise money for the cancer fund. You can visit the link below for more info. I made 3 all together, one for Dad, Little Peg and Patrick. Hope they are OK to auction off, never made bow ties before. Matter of fact the 1st one went in the scrap heap. Had a bit of trouble with turning! So here are some photos and I will keep up on any results, if they give them out.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18th, 2009

Whew-Busy again. Our daughter had her appendix burst last week(turns out that was what was wrong with her when I last posted and I babysat for her) so needless to say that left me a little out of the loop and doing hospital runs all week. She is fine now and back home. School for her on Monday and maybe we can return to normalcy around here.
On the craft side of things, sales are very slow. I did make a sale today on Etsy, first one since February but no surprise there. I am not too good about keeping up with listing. I will try harder. Trying the Saturday night sale tip I got today from another Etsy vendor. See how that works out. Also did a few shows in the last couple of weeks. Made a few dollars but not a lot. I did make some good contacts today for retail sales. I am going to put some totes/grocery bags in 2 locations in Bethel and I have a name and place in Southbury to try. I have plenty of inventory so that isn't a problem. Got to get the pillows done for Terri too. Trying the wholesale business on that one. We''ll see how that goes. Other than that the weather is finally turning warm, got a little sunburn today sitting on the sidewalk waiting for customers.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5th, 2009

Wow what a week. I hope our 3 bad things(things always happen in threes) have happened and this is the end. On top of my Dad getting diagnosed with cancer, my nephew tried to light a fire using gasoline. Needless to say that literally blew up in his face. He is OK but what a scare. Now my brother in law is in the hospital, his diverticulitis inflamed and burst open so he had emergency surgery on his gut. I'm tired just writing about it. It's all very stressful too. I think that makes me tired also. good news is we sold both radio towers, one is already down and gone and the other should be out of there by Saturday night. Lot of hard work but it will be done and that's a good thing. Oh yeah and then last night I had to babysit because Meta had a bug of some sort. Didn't really mind, the boys are good, just not what I wanted to do.
So here is a picture though that will make me smile-asparagus is up. Yippee- pretty soon I'll be over doing it and the fiber will kill my gut but I don't mind.