Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18th, 2009

Whew-Busy again. Our daughter had her appendix burst last week(turns out that was what was wrong with her when I last posted and I babysat for her) so needless to say that left me a little out of the loop and doing hospital runs all week. She is fine now and back home. School for her on Monday and maybe we can return to normalcy around here.
On the craft side of things, sales are very slow. I did make a sale today on Etsy, first one since February but no surprise there. I am not too good about keeping up with listing. I will try harder. Trying the Saturday night sale tip I got today from another Etsy vendor. See how that works out. Also did a few shows in the last couple of weeks. Made a few dollars but not a lot. I did make some good contacts today for retail sales. I am going to put some totes/grocery bags in 2 locations in Bethel and I have a name and place in Southbury to try. I have plenty of inventory so that isn't a problem. Got to get the pillows done for Terri too. Trying the wholesale business on that one. We''ll see how that goes. Other than that the weather is finally turning warm, got a little sunburn today sitting on the sidewalk waiting for customers.

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