Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rainbow Room in NYC

Wednesday I got to go to the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller center in NYC. We went (my cousin and I) to the WCBS Woman's luncheon. I went pretty much just to eat there and throw my business card around. Why not? A room full of women, someone must need a purse! Well no one has yet but maybe. So lunch was good and the speakers were good. Sad to hear the restaurant will be closing in June, it is a pretty neat place, views are spectacular from the 65th floor. So after lunch we went and did a little shopping. One of my favorite stores, Anthropolgie was right across the street. Picked up a few things then went over to Saks. Wanted to see if they had a clearance section-they do not. We did see that Clinique was having a nice give a way bag of goodies so we headed over to their counter. Ended up getting full face make up done. I was hot! Or so I was told. Also dropped a hundred bucks on make up. It was fun and I am worth it. Headed to Grand central after that and then home. All in all a good day. here are some pics, taken with my cell phone so not all that great of the views form the 65th floor.

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tututina said...

Hi Amy! I saw your products in your etsy shop and I loved them so much I included it on my Trashin' Fashion blog. Feel free to see my post and keep up the great products! I just may buy from you someday! :)